As a patient you have certain rights and responsibilities. We recognize that at a respectful relationship between the healthcare provider and the patient is the foundation of proper medical care. Copies of this statement are posted in our patient care waiting areas.

Patients have the right to:

  • Receive humane care and treatment, with respect and consideration
  • Privacy and confidentiality when seeking or receiving care except for life threatening conditions or situations
  • Confidentiality of your health records
  • Be informed of and to exercise option to refuse to participate in any research aspect of your care without compromising access to medical care and treatment
  • Receive accurate information concerning diagnosis, treatment, risk involved, and prognosis of an illness or health related condition
  • Ask about reasonable alternatives to care
  • A second professional opinion regarding one’s health care and treatment
  • Participate actively in decisions regarding one’s health care and treatment
  • Accessible information regarding the scope and availability of services
  • Be informed about any legal reporting requirements regarding any aspect of screening or care

Patients have the responsibility to:

  • Provide complete information about one’s address and billing information yearly or when information changes
  • Provide complete update of healthcare yearly
  • Show respect to health personnel and other patients
  • Pay bills in a timely manner
  • Ask questions so that an understanding of the condition or problem is ensured
  • Use prescription or medical devices for oneself only
  • Inform the practitioner (s) if one’s condition worsens or an expected reaction occurs from a medication.



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